I’m Jon Jarnsäter, software architect by day and indie game developer by night. The “team” is basically just me, but I do get the occasional help from my sister Jill and my buddy Andy.

I started doing game development as soon as I got my first computer (I believe it was a Sinclair ZX81) when I was around 10 years old. There wasn’t any way to load other stuff into that machine but writing it yourself, so that’s how it all started. I continued as a kid doing game dev on Commodore 64, and I remember me and my friends did a game that involved killing our math teacher in various ways.

Fast forward to grown-up-life, I pursued a career in software development and have been doing that ever since. When the iPhone was released, I got interested in bringing up game dev again, but Save the Zacks is the first game that I actually finished and released.